Community Updates

January: business meeting to review our preferences for a site, in preparation for meetings with city and county planning commissions.

2019 highlights

Besides all the wonderful shared meals and the hard work by our committees, here's 2019 in a recap:

In October we announced that we have partnered with Katie McCamant of Cohousing Solutions. Katie has helped developed numerous cohousing communities, and we know she will be a big help in moving us forward. In November we had our first Zoom meeting with Katie.


In August we went to the 32nd St (Waverly) market on 2 Saturdays. It was fun to talk with a wide swath of the community about cohousing.

June's jam session with guitars, banjo, fiddle, recorder and drum, not to mention some excellent voices for the song-alongs was a big success! 

Earlier in the year, we held multiple structured sessions exploring issues in aging and spirituality, using the Durant Study Group 1 model, led by Joyce. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other.  


In March Mike was interviewed by The Beacon, a local monthly newspaper for Baltimore seniors, in an article "Co-housing: a different kind of Community". Check it out at