As our name implies, we are currently organized as a Limited Liability Corporation for things like opening a bank account and procuring property.  Once we move in, we will likely change our structure to that of a condominium or Home Owners Association.

But that’s the legal stuff. The real issue is how decisions get made within our current and future community. Following the usual practice for cohousing communities, we have decided that key decisions will be made by consensus. Consensus is a formal group process that focuses on bringing everyone’s concern to the table and typically results in decisions with a much higher degree of buy-in than the more common 50-percent-plus-one method of decision-making. We participated in a consensus workshop in 2018 and have adapted that process to our needs.


We have also instituted a committee structure that supports the many tasks we will have to accomplish to move this project forward. Our standing committees currently include:

  • Membership Committee

  • Administrative/Finance Committee

  • Marketing Committee

  • Site Selection Committee

As we move forward, more work groups and committees will be created - every member has the opportunity to participate and have an impact for CGB!