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Lorraine first heard about cohousing from a woman at her Single Mothers by Choice meeting 30 years ago. The woman had plans to move into Liberty Village Cohousing, which seemed like the perfect place for Lorraine to raise her adopted daughter. However, the community was too far for Lorraine’s commute, so she decided cohousing would have to wait a while. Years later she found Cohousing of Greater Baltimore online, and the prospect of senior cohousing felt right.

Although she describes herself as a natural introvert, Lorraine enjoys hiking trips to national parks with a group of women who have hiked together since 2009. They’ve been everywhere from the Jasper icefields in Canada to the Great Smoky Mountains in TN. She is looking forward to the 2023 trip to southwest Colorado.

Since retiring in 2001 from her job working in Human Resources for the county school system, Lorraine is able to devote more time to Cohousing of Greater Baltimore. Lorraine also enjoys travel and genealogy; she combined both passions on several trips to Ireland with her family. Originally from Philly, Lorraine followed two of her siblings to Maryland in 1987. Lorraine doesn’t fancy herself a chef, but she looks forward to expanding her repertoire and learning alongside neighbors while they prepare common meals. She cannot wait to live in community!


After living for 48 years in the Chicago area, Judy moved back East to be closer to family. She currently splits her time between her family's cottage at Deep Creek Lake, MD and Washington, DC — close to her granddaughter, son and daughter-in-law. Her interest in cohousing stems from the past 15 years spent in shared housing, cooking dinners with friends. After making such a significant retirement move and the pandemic, Judy believes an intentional community will allow her to socialize with diverse peers. 


Judy ran a social service agency in Chicago for nearly 40 years, which allowed her to combine her passion for social justice and adolescents with her career. She's endlessly inspired by the energy and creativity of young people.

In her free time, Judy is an amateur photographer and belongs to a camera club for seniors. She likes walking, hiking and traveling. Her travels started when she was 3 years old and her family drove to Alaska. She fondly recollects her trip to Prague to visit her son, and most recently a hiking trip of Portugal with a group of friends. 


Judy has been involved with the Cohousing of Greater Baltimore members since 2021 and hopes to recruit a small group of people to find a site and build their community soon. It is important to her that cohousing communities are welcoming and diverse. 

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Joni & Rich

“Now that we are retired, we are looking to live in a community where the things that make aging hard for most people are shared.”   

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