The prospect of being part of an intentional community is exciting - perhaps also a little mind-boggling. We encourage you to take a look at communities already built and functioning to see how this concept becomes a reality... 

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Suggested Reading

    Senior Cohousing Handbook 2nd edition, by Charles Durrett, is a comprehensive guide to joining or creating a cohousing project, written by the U.S. leader in the field. The author deals with all the psychological and logistical aspects of senior cohousing and addresses common concerns, fears, and misunderstandings. He emphasizes the many positive benefits of cohousing, including:

  • Better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

  • Friendships and accessible social contact

  • Safety and security

  • Affordability

  • Shared resources

This book creates a wonderful foundation for creating an intentional, supportive community. A real help for cohousing success!

Rightsizing Your Life by Ciji Ware provides a seven-step process that leads to a meaningful, happy life without the weight of stuff that has been part of the past but not a fit for a new rich, creative, meaningful future.

For nearly everyone, cohousing also means downsizing – or is it rightsizing? This lifestyle change is a journey, and it can offer a simplified, organized, inspiring experience. The book deals with reluctant mates, attachment to things, nostalgic kids, and sensible decision-making, focusing on what really matters.

New Minimalism by Cary Fortin and Kyle Quilici is all about decluttering and design for sustainable, intentional living. The authors take you through (no guilt) self-reflection and the emotional relationships we have with what we own. Then they get down to the business of creating a beautifully designed space. Their emphasis on recycling and reusing makes the whole process easier!

Joyful by Ingrid Lee delivers what the subtitle claims - 'the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness'. Who wouldn't want some of that? The author is a traveler and a researcher, and takes you to a variety of cultures and centuries to help you discover the very doable elements of joy. Something to think about now and as you consider how to create your future.