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Cohousing is a Remedy for Loneliness

Our Cohousing development consultant, Katie McCamant was recently interviewed for Retro Report. Retro Report is an independent nonprofit newsroom creating trusted documentary videos and classroom resources.

Enjoy the 10-minute video found at the link below. Learn how Cohousing helps overcome the health impacts of loneliness.


We are creating the first cohousing community in

Baltimore, Maryland
for active adults

Join us for an info session to learn more about CGB!

istockphoto-diverse senior citizens.jpg

We are passionate about creating a sustainable community where adults can age in their home with neighbors who care. Our community will consist of individually owned homes with extensive common amenities. We're on the hunt for land with a small-town feel and easy access to urban centers like Baltimore and Washington D.C.


Help design your dream neighborhood, be authentically yourself and connect with others who share many of your values. It's not often we can get to know and trust our neighbors before we move in...

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