As an intentional community, we have agreed to some aspirations and principles that will guide what Cohousing of Greater Baltimore will look like, feel like, and practice in order for CGB to be a great place to live. 

  • We have come together to create an intentional neighborhood that is caring, egalitarian, environmentally sustainable, diverse, health-promoting and fun-filled, built on trust, kindness and mutual respect.

  • We are self-created, self-managed and self-directed. All members have a say in our consensus-based community decisions.


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  • We acknowledge that each of us holds personal views and beliefs. We are united and guided by our shared core values and goals and our intention to support each other physically, emotionally and spiritually as we age.

Shared Values

 The mission of Cohousing of Greater Baltimore (CGB) is to empower people in the second half of life to proactively and collaboratively create a physical and social environment that offers a creative alternative   to traditional aging options.

  • We build and nurture relationships rooted in compassion, respect and generosity.

  • We approach the challenges of living and working in community with joy, fun, playfulness and celebration. We enjoy each other’s company and support yet respect the privacy of each.


  • We are responsible for our own health and personal care. Although we live independently and own our homes, we commit to continued support and connection throughout the changes of life.

  • We use consensus as a tool to make important decisions.

  • We make choices to use the resources of our community and our planet prudently and find ways to lighten our imprint on the earth.


  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for contributing to the maintenance and well-being of our community. We co-own our community house and the CGB property; we work together to ensure that our neighborhood is a comfortable place in which to live and provides a beautiful context in which our community can grow.


  • We support choices to stay actively involved in life and maintain a positive outlook. We share our skills, knowledge and passions to create a rich and engaging environment for CGB, the greater Baltimore community and beyond.


  • We embrace members of all ethnic groups, religions, national origins, sex and gender identities, marital statuses and sexual orientations. We value the variety of life experiences, perspectives and ways of being in our members and strive to support and integrate this diversity into our thriving community.