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A world where everyone has access to welcoming, thriving communities that exist harmoniously with their natural and cultural environments, and anyone can age in place with the mutual support of friends and neighbors.


We are collaboratively creating cohousing with accessible, eco-friendly homes for adults 55+. We welcome all and hope to live by example. Our community will strike a sustainable balance between autonomy and interdependence.

Nevada City Coho houses.jpg


  • Aging in Place: Create a community where people can live happily and comfortably for as long as they desire.

  • Willingness to Learn & Share Knowledge: We believe everyone benefits from cultivating a shared sense of curiosity and learning from one another.

  • Open & Transparent Communication: Our community cannot be successful unless we are all open, honest, and thoughtful communicators.

  • Collaborative Governance: We have chosen to govern our community with Sociocracy.

  • Humor & Fun: Fun and enjoyment in community is central to the joy of sharing our lives.

  • Sustainability: As we face a rapidly changing climate, we recognize there is no better way to make a difference than to live by example and create a community in harmony with our natural world.

  • Diversity: We value diversity in culture, interests, hobbies, race, ethnicity, income, wealth, gender, and sexual orientation. We welcome the friends and loved ones of our Members.

  • Affordability & Financial Responsibility: We want to make this community reasonably attainable and financially sustainable to those who wish to live here, so the cost of living does not become prohibitive in our community over time.

  • Connection to Our Wider Community: We want our property to be nestled into a small nearby town, so we can enjoy a small town feel, and maintain access to urban centers.

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