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Reserve your home

1. Learn about Cohousing of Greater Baltimore

  • Join us for an Information Session!

  • Then, if you are interested in learning more, join us for some of our All Community Meetings over several months.

  • Follow us on Facebook.

2. Become an Explorer and work with us to create Cohousing of Greater Baltimore

  • After attending an information session, contact us ( so we can reach out to talk with you about how to:

    • Help us find a site for our community

    • ​Share your skills to help create Cohousing of Greater Baltimore​​

    • Get to know us by attending a future community meeting

    • Participate in planning/circle meetings to see how we operate and actively particpate in making decisions

    • Submit your $200 Explorer payment and secure your seniority for home selection 

Benefits of an Explorer

Explorers are people who want to dig deeper with cohousing. It will give you the opportunity to get involved, participate in Cohousing of Greater Baltimore planning/circle meetings, get to know our Members, and see how we work together.  

​You'll receive informational materials, including  information about Membership and the development process. 

Responsibilities of an Explorer

Our Explorer fee is just $200.


Before we have optioned land, you may maintain your Explorer status, paying $90 every three months. Your fees help pay for our development costs.

If you go forward with us and become a Member, the date of your Explorer Fee conveys seniority in home selection. After we have land under contract, if you have not proceeded with Membership, you’ll have a limited amount of time to decide if you want to move forward with us before you loose your seniority spot.

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